Rock Two Associates was founded in 2014 in Little Rock, Arkansas by Nina Rodriguez and Dan Ahlquist. The collaboration brings together the diverse skill sets of this husband and wife team. The result is a combination of superb project management, content development, design, and computer programming to create a single entity dedicated to making good ideas work.

Our Philosophy on


We are committed to working with small businesses, nonprofits, and artists that are helping to make our neighborhoods and the world a better place by respecting the environment and giving back to the community. We are passionate about contributing and supporting the local flavor of Little Rock, and the small businesses that help this community grow.

Who We Serve

Rock Two Associates specializes in serving small businesses, nonprofits, and artists in the Little Rock area.

Our Philosophy on


Collaboration is at the heart of every successful creative process. It is what makes great content for clients and great experience for customers. Whether you are looking for a website, graphic design work, or an exhibit, Rock Two Associates is dedicated to true collaboration with all their clients.